Enthusiast-driven aviation and flight data API for smaller travel or aviation applications, researchers and individual developers.

Aircraft API

  • Aircraft information found by registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address

  • Aircraft image found by registration

  • Aircraft information found by photo

Flight API

  • FIDS / Schedules: departures and arrivals per airport

  • Flight information / status found by flight number, ATC call-sign, aircraft registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address (nearest or on specific date)

  • Flight departure dates found by flight number, ATC call-sign, aircraft registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address

  • Flight delay statistics by flight number

Airport API

  • Airport found by IATA/ICAO code

  • Airport runways

  • Nearest airports found by location

  • Airports free-text search (auto-complete)

  • Airport local time

  • Airport delay statistics and delay index

  • Airport daily routes statistics

  • Distance & flight time between airports

Is It Suitable for My Project?

We're running this project on enthusiast basis and therefore we keep server expenses as low as possible: this may affect performance and stability of the service. All the data is delivered in the best effort fashion.

If you're having a smaller aviation-related application or web-site which has not much load and has lesser data precision and sensitivity and quality demands, our API may be just right for you, because it:

  • is offered at symbolic rates (see Pricing);

  • has some unique features which are not offered anywhere else or offered at higher rates (check our aircraft image recognition by registration, airport and flight delays, airport destination statistics, take-off / landing runway detection etc.);

  • is flexible in support, discussing your suggestions, ideas and special demands;

  • means supporting smaller enthusiastic projects rather than bigger corporate products;

  • is not complicated in use.

However, if you're building a big customer-critical product, expecting high load and and having critical demands to global coverage, data precision and service stability, we honestly suggest you to use other APIs. We cannot guarantee data completeness and uninterrupted service on the market-leading level. However, you're always welcome to use our special features or even come up with any suggestions.

What is the Data Quality and Coverage?

Though our coverage of aircraft and airlines data is rather decent, flight data coverage is somewhat limited. Please read more about data coverage.

Getting started

At this moment, API is managed exclusively through the RapidAPI platform - place where you can find and connect to thousands of APIs with one API key.

You can subscribe and start using AeroDataBox API as soon as you have account on RapidAPI.


You can start with AeroDataBox API for free.

However, even a small enthusiastic API, like ours, processes significant amounts of data on daily basis, which requires regular payment for server infrastructure, constant maintenance and attention from people involved into the project. Henceforth, our API is freemiun, which means that you can use it for free within a certain quota. Afterwards, you can subscribe to a pricing plan of your choice, and a symbolic monthly fee will be applied.

Keep in mind, that our API usage quotas are very generous and offered at much lower rates than in average on the market. These lower rates is a very modest attempt to compensate hosting and maintenance expenses incurred by software engineering and aviation enthusiasts who are not getting paid for their efforts developing this API during their spare time.

We charge for the service only, and NOT for the data.


Technical documentation is currently available in two locations: in RapidAPI Sandbox and as a separate documentation web-site.

On RapidAPI Marketplace you will be able to shoot testing requests directly to our live API with your personal API key, which will allow you to test the data extensively.

On the documentation web-site, however, you will find much more detailed information about each endpoint, including description of each request and response property.

Fair Use Policy

Please be reasonable when using the API.

This API is meant for supporting smaller applications teams, researchers, individual developers and anyone else who can't afford hefty charges imposed by market-leading data companies and who is also OK with having less in terms of data precision, coverage and service stability. Though we provide very generous monthly quotas, those are not meant to be spent within few first hours after subscribing. This API is NOT fit for bulk downloading all our database in once by shooting several requests per second over few hours or even days in a row non-stop! We reserve a right to temporarily block users exercising such practices without warning at any time if we consider their behavior is negatively affecting performance of the service.


Please be advised, that at the moment all the data is aggregated from external public sources, including community-maintained ones. We do not generate or exclusively own any data ourselves. Therefore, our data is published in good faith and for general reference purposes only. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon this information is strictly at your own risk. We will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with it.

Contact Us

If you have a question you want to address, you can do so through RapidAPI forums or directly via e-mail: info@aerodatabox.com