Is It Suitable for My Project?

We're running this project on an enthusiast basis and therefore we keep server expenses as low as possible: this may affect performance and stability of the service. All the data is delivered in the best effort fashion.

If you're having a smaller aviation-related application or web-site which has not much load and has lesser data precision and sensitivity and quality demands, our API may be just right for you, because it:

  • is offered at symbolic rates (see Pricing);

  • has some unique features which are not offered anywhere else or offered at higher rates (check our aircraft image recognition by registration, airport and flight delays, airport destination statistics, take-off / landing runway detection etc.);

  • is flexible in support, discussing your suggestions, ideas and special demands;

  • means supporting smaller enthusiastic projects rather than bigger corporate products;

  • is not complicated in use.

However, if you're building a big customer-critical product, expecting high load and and having critical demands to global coverage, data precision and service stability, we honestly suggest you to use other APIs. We cannot guarantee data completeness and uninterrupted service on the market-leading level at this time. However, you're always welcome to use our special features or come up with any suggestions.

What is the Data Quality and Coverage?

Though our coverage of aircraft and airlines data is rather decent, flight data coverage is somewhat limited. Please read more about data coverage.


Even a relatively small enthusiast-driven project, like AeroDataBox, processes loads of data daily. It requires constant attention from highly qualified professionals involved with the project and regular payments for server infrastructure. In modest attempt to compensate for these expenses and volunteering, our API is made public on a freemium basis, which means that you can use it for free up to a certain limit. Afterwards, you can subscribe to a pricing plan of your choice, and a symbolic monthly fee will be applied.

Please remember that software engineering and aviation enthusiasts working on AeroDataBox during their spare time in between job and family duties are not getting paid for these efforts. At the moment, incomes from API are not even close to speaking about hiring anyone of them even on minimum wage.